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Arrived in Geneva

OK, so its done. I've vacated my apartment in Sydney, said farewell to my family and friends (temporarily) and arrived in Geneva. On Monday next week I start the first day as a "volunteer" at the World Health Organization (WHO). The first day of the next four months.

The purpose of this sojourn is to undertake some research in collaboration with the WHO, and specifically the team that works on the International Health Regulations. It has been an interesting process, making the necessary arrangements. As with every move overseas, there's some inevitable 'glitches' that arise. Not really surprising given there's so many moving parts.

Thankfully I have visited Geneva several times over the last decade, so it is a city that I'm at least reasonably familiar with. I also have to add that this entire endeavour would not have been possible without The University of Sydney's SOAR Fellowship. As expensive as Sydney is to live in as a city, it doesn't really hold a candle to Geneva, so the additional funds will make all the difference.

Here's to the research and the next four months!

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