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First meeting of GHS 2019 committees

What a great day! It isn't hard to get excited about GHS 2019, especially after meeting (via teleconference) with a great bunch of academics and luminaries in the field. As anyone who has ever organised an event of this scale will appreciate, there's a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make conferences successful events. Thankfully, with my co-convenor Rebecca Katz, we've assembled a great team of people to help us and today we got to talk with a large number of them. Time zone differences means that it isn't possible to meet with everyone every time, but we're rotating the meeting times to ensure everyone gets to participate in live discussions as well as commenting on minutes and summaries.

We've got quite a few decisions ahead of us to make, but we've made a good start and we're looking forward to seeing this be a milestone event in global health.

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