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New SOAR video - GHS 2019

Having a film crew follow me around for 48 hours is a new experience for me, and one that I'm thankful will likely not be repeated too often. Having said this, the opportunity to promote GHS 2019 is a great one, and I'm grateful to the University of Sydney for the SOAR Fellowship that has enabled me to launch the conference and advance my research.

Since starting this endeavour of organising the first-ever international conference on global health security, I have also become shameless in asking governments for money. This is for one principle reason: my co-convenor (Rebecca Katz) and I are intent on raising enough funding to bring up to 200 delegates from low and middle-income countries to attend the conference and participate in the discussions. Having their participation is important, if global health security is truly going to be global.

So, for these reasons, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to promote the event...including having a film crew and a short documentary made. Let's just hope it doesn't happen too frequently ;)

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