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Academic-in-Residence - Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security

Well, I've arrived in Canberra. Admittedly I arrived a couple off weeks ago, but it has taken a bit to get organised, find new accommodation, and generally settle back into Australian-life after just over 4 months in Geneva. As much as the work in Geneva was great, I'm pleased to be back home. It certainly helps that I've also started working with the Australian Government's new Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security - basically a policy-orientated academic's dream come true!

So, officially I'm being called an 'academic in residence' but I'm happy to go with the flow on whatever they decide to call me. The staff at the Centre have done some amazing work already in the (almost) 12 months that they've been operating - from the announcement of $16 million in grants, to the launch of the $75 million product development initiative, as well as undertaking a series of scoping missions throughout the region to identify packages of work designed to strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes. It is a great initiative, and I'm really pleased both to see Australia playing a lead role in the health affairs of our region as well as the opportunity to work alongside them while I'm pursuing my research.

More to come.

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