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Survey on military assistance in health emergencies goes global!

So the translations are now *finally* finished. The ARC Discovery Project on examining the role of militaries in health emergencies has now been officially translated into nine different languages - English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Brazilian Portugese, Urdu and Thai - in order to ensure as much diversity and data capture as possible.

At the invitation of the London International Development Centre, I've also also had the opportunity to help promote the research and the survey via a blog, which you can check out here:

In the coming weeks the survey will also be sent to a number of people who have previously worked in humanitarian settings, to gauge their views on the role of militaries. In addition, I've been making a lot of travel arrangements to undertake fieldwork in countries associated with the project, with trips to Switzerland, the UK, and Liberia all in the next couple of months. And that is just for starters! This second half of the year is going to be busy...

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